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Across the Bay


Gazing out from cathedral oaks on the forest floor

across to the wild heavy steel waves that make the bold bay.

Sweeping beyond the faraway line of cedar steeples

the waves stretch into a flat fabric of time

into a big placid bay by day.

Far back laying low, a backdrop of stripes; the cape, with a foggy haze line above.

Herring Gulls one after the other screaming, “Me-mee, me-mee, me-mee, mee.”

Constant, the dull thudding of a lone fishing boat slow-motion gliding back and forth, weaving a weft trawling across the bay

under a color changer in magnificent sterling rays.

Barges creep along like whales in a formation to the canal.

Blistering bright thick broken facets flash across the dark and deep bristling cold Atlantic weft.

Ancient mammoth boulders cast within cliff sand

nestled in sleep, now awake on the shore’s shifting sands.

Cold, dry dunes of ocean waves drift with the tide

across into the deep Atlantic and back again.

Soft edges on the horizon give hints of sunlight left in the day.

Lapping waves slowly creep up into the high tide shore.

Less and less now a glimpse’ of sunlight.

Quieter and quieter the lapping shore,

as the color changer dims her light.

Sleeping in deep time, the turquoise bay slowly succumbs back into darkness.

The illuminate moon induces night reflections before it too slips away.

Watchful eyes begin to multiply everywhere.

Clear tiny intense lights high above slowly twinkle, revealing a vast star-sprinkled dust belt across infinity.

Then the dark midnight blue glacial bay goes back to sleep.

John Wendel Krenik

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